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By Brenna Dolan

PictureHouse, the name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? For any of you lucky enough to be around in the 1990’s they had a huge hit, Sunburst in 1998. They may have taken a bit of a break, but these guys are back and have remastered their 2013 album for your listening pleasure. This album is set to strike a chord with PictureHouse’s fans both new and old.

The band have showed incredible initiative and desire to succeed after a stumble in the music scene when they self released their debut album “Shine Box”. Many bands picked up on this passion such as “The Saw Doctors” “Bon Jovi” and “KOCH” and Picture House accompanied them on their tours with KOCH even licensing “Shine Box” through Europe. Their second album followed which is where the infamous “Sunburst” was born.

PictureHouse’s music is a light-hearted combination of humour, rhythm and lyrics. They are ever changing and have had an array of 11 members come in and out of the band. Current members include Dave Browne,Jason Duffy, Geoff woods, Yann O’Brien, Esa Taponen and Keith Farrell. This change is critical and with it brings new and interesting ideas and melodies.

‘Some night she will be mine’ is too catchy for radio and has already been a huge success in both Ireland and the UK.

“Some night she will be mine and there’ll be none better
She is just so fine, and I can’t forget her”

to give you a little sneak peek.

The new album with Cherry Red Records is out July 28th. The band had originally been signed with London Records since 1994. This edition has been remastered and remixed and includes two new tracks “Hello” and “Rules of Science” which have already been a big hit on BBC Radio 2.

Other top tracks from the album include “Every step of the way” track four which is an emotional motivational confession with lyrics such as ‘I couldn’t be prouder of the life that I see’. Listeners have described it as truly ‘beautiful’ with compliments to song writer Dave Brown being owed.

The last track number 12 “Our inner voices” is melodically Celtic and mystical with strong Irish influences and reflects the diversity of the band. They create a passion and connection with the listener ‘Now we have to seek, we have to find, our inner voices’.

The album was first released in 2013 , which is now being released again just over a year later and has already been named one of 4fm’s Irish albums of the year.

The release party is happening this July 30th and has secured the Button Factory as the venue. Early bird tickets are now on sale for 13euro from Entertainment.ie or 15euro after June 3rd so get in quick.

For more information check out the bands social media below
PictureHouse on Twitter @picturehouse_ie
PictureHouse on Facebook fb.com/picturehouse.ie


Anna Mitchell EP Review – Musician.ie


anna mitchelle2

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 in Music Reviews
By Brenna Dolan

Anna Mitchell is a Cork based Singer/Songwriter. Blending beautifully into the country/folk/Americana scene her rustic voice is a welcome change on Irish soil. Her Debut EP will be released on September 19th. No stranger from the stage Anna has performed with the likes of Mick Flannery , Duke Special and Sarah Jarosz. She also joined Simone Felice for their European Tour earlier this year.
The leading single ‘Let’s run away’ has already attracted media attention, with an impressive number of internet views and radio coverage. The music video is touching and dynamic and complements her modulated and soothing voice. Two other tracks follow on the EP “Fall like that” and “Tennessee”. “ Fall like that” has is romantic accompanied by sharp edgy percussion and a haunting feel and The last track “Tennessee” is enhanced with her progressive voice, it has no restraints, with has soothing reassuring backing vocals.
This EP is a treat for Folk music fans. Lucky are the residents of Dublin,Wexford, Cork to Clare as her Tour has just begun in Dublin and will continue until late October finishing in Ballydehob with Pete Hagan.

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Mitchell-music/233023636744894?sk=timeline

Best break up songs of all time




With Valentine’s Day just around the corner things are all happy and loved up right? Well sadly for some singletons it is the worst day in the calendar. Sure there are birthdays, but everyone has birthdays and it was nice to get spoilt over Christmas. But this day right here is only for somebody who has a somebody. As Michael bubble that beautiful Canadian man sings “You’re nobody until somebody loves you, You’re nobody till somebody cares”. I can think of a handful of girls who wants to scream, cry or throw chocolate at you right now.

This right here is for all you people who are heartbroken over this loved up holiday. For those feeling more angry than loved up. Don’t fret I once knew a guy who broke up with this girlfriend right before valentines just so he wouldn’t have to get her a present. It’s alright love that time it actually was him and not you!

So here I give you,

10 Best break-up songs of all time

        10. Carly Simon-Your so vain

Great way to kick off when you hate your ex.

9.Justin Timberlake-Cry me a river

For those whiney ex’s who come sobbing back to you.


 8. Kodaline- All I want

“If  you loved me , why’d you leave me take my body, takkkee myy boddy “.Take this one with a large box of tissues.


7. Adele- Someone like you

If Adele does one thing and one thing well it is break-up songs. I feel sorry for her the poor thing but this one took everyone by storm.

6.The Script-The Man you can’t be moved

“How can I move on when I’m still in love with you” enough said.


5. Gotye Somebody that I used to know

“But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough”. It’s going to take some time to be able to sing this one guys, If you even can sing mid-break up I applaud you.


4.The Streets- Dry your eyes

“There are plenty more fish in the sea”. Do you know what there is! Go fish!


3. Taylor Swift- We are never getting back together.

This one is for the girls, sing it as loud and as out of key as you can!


2. Gloria Gaynor- I will survive

When you’re at “I don’t need no mans” part of the break up.


1. Passenger- Let her go

Cause “You only know your lover when you let her go”